Memorial’s Entrepreneurship Training Program (ETP) is a program for graduate students interested in starting a business and/or learning the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. There are different ETP programs for each semester. The main programs are the ETP Discover (Fall) and ETP Develop (Winter). They consist of two main components: workshop modules (online, asynchronous) and special topic sessions (hybrid mode), which provide graduates with the knowledge necessary to start and run successful business ventures and the resources and support they need to succeed in doing business. The Entrepreneurial Inspiration program (Summer) includes special topic sessions (hybrid mode) focusing on “sharing from and talking with entrepreneurs.” It inspires students to be interested in entrepreneurship and transfers invaluable experiences from the entrepreneurs to the ETP graduates for their next steps.

  • The ETP Discover is organized in the Fall semesters. Certificates are provided.
  • The ETP Develop is organized during the winter semesters. Certificates are provided.
  • The Entrepreneurial Inspiration program is organized during the summer semesters. It is a non-certificate program.

The ETP is delivered through interactive presentations and workshops by award-winning entrepreneurs and faculty. The program covers core entrepreneurship themes and skills such as problem-solving and design learning, the lean start-up methodology, sales, marketing and financial planning. The ETP also connects graduate students to local entrepreneurs, mentors, funding sources and other essential resources.

In 2013, the ETP received a national award from the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) for Excellence in Innovation and Student Engagement. It also received a national award for Program Innovation from the National Student Affairs & Services Association, a division of the Canadian Association for College and University Student Services (CACUSS).