Update on student fees and PAS/FAL choice

Apr 3rd, 2020

Memorial University

Update on student fees and PAS/FAL choice

Suspension of two student fees for spring semester 2020

Memorial’s Board of Regents has approved the suspension of two student fees for the spring 2020 semester (including intersession and summer session). Memorial students will not be charged the Distance Education Administration Fee and Recreation Fee for the upcoming semester.

The Distance Education Administration Fee is normally applied only to those taking online courses. Because all teaching and learning is taking place remotely and in a variety of different ways, this fee is waived for spring semester. With students unable to access the recreational facilities because of the closure of The Works, the Recreation Fee will not be charged for the spring semester.

All mandatory fees were reviewed in light of the COVID-19 global pandemic and its ongoing impact on day-to-day university operations. We will continue to review these fees over the spring and summer as the situation develops.

The Campus Renewal Fee, Student Services Fee and Graduate Continuance Fee will continue. These fees help cover critical infrastructure and student services costs that continue to be incurred.

Although students are not studying on campus, remote learning places an increased burden on the university’s technological infrastructure and increases the risk of cyberattacks. Eliminating the campus renewal fee at this time would significantly impair Memorial’s capacity to manage the transition to remote learning and constrain its ability to manage ongoing deferred maintenance challenges.

While many of the services funded by the Student Services Fee are normally delivered in person, many of these services have now transitioned to remote delivery. For example, wellness and counselling services, professional and career development services, advising, student success and leadership services. Effectively meeting the needs of students is more vital than ever before, and eliminating this fee would reduce funds available for essential student services.

Many graduate students are able and choosing to continue their studies. As a result, and consistent with other Canadian universities, Memorial will continue to charge the Graduate Continuance Fee. All student fees will be reassessed prior to the fall 2020 semester.

Update on PAS/FAL choice of grading option

Starting on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 students will be able to log into Memorial Self-Service and see a new feature called “Winter 2020 Grading Option” under the Student Main Menu page.

Students will be presented with their Winter 2020 course registrations and their unofficial grades which have been submitted by the instructors. This page will remain available to students until 12:00 p.m. (NDT) on Saturday, April 25, 2020.

Where applicable, and only when an unofficial grade is submitted by the instructor, students will choose between keeping the numerical grade, selecting a PAS/FAL grade or selecting to write a postponed final exam. Before the official release of grades at 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 25, 2020, the Registrar's Office will convert all grades to the appropriate PAS/FAL or ABS grade for all courses where this option was given.

For students who may have already communicated to their instructor the grading option choice, you will be asked to confirm that choice on the Self-Service grading option page.

The pass/fail option is not an option in TECH, MARI, MSTM, or FISH courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs of the Marine Institute. This update also does not apply to certificate or diploma students at the Marine Institute campus. Those students will be updated directly by their school.

This update does not apply to exams for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine.

12:45 p.m.