Faculty awards went to all female students at regional science fair

Jun 7th, 2017

By Jackey Locke

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science supports regional science students

On April 7-8, 2017, more than 200 regional junior-high and high-school science students came together at MacDonald Drive Junior High School for the 37th annual Eastern Regional Science & Technology Fair.

In order to qualify for the regional fair, students would have competed in their school’s science fairs. As with previous years, members of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science served as judges.

As with previous years, the faculty sponsors the science and technology fair by awarding best project awards in each discipline. This year, all engineering awards went to female students:

Best Project Civil Engineering went to Julia Naterer of Holy Heart for her project, “Water Filtration with Activated Carbon Generated From Fly Ash.”

Best Project Computer Engineering went to Mahiba Khan and Hailey Robichaud of St. Paul’s Junior High for their project, “Les Algorithmes.”

Best Project Electrical Engineering went to Hillary Oldford of Holy Spirit High School for her project, “The Effectiveness of Compost on Heating Water.”

Best Project Mechanical Engineering went to Oishi Hawlader of Gonzaga High School for her project, “Investigation of Knee Joint Mechanisms and the Role of Brace to Reduce Osteoarthritis.”

Best Project Naval and Architectural Engineering went to Emma Harvey and Taylor Alexander of Waterford Valley High School for their project, “Building a Hovercraft.”

Best Project Process Engineering went to Noha Shehata of Holy Heart for her project, “Creating Biodegradable Plastic: A Novel Way to Recycle Shrimp Shells into Biodegradable Plastic.”

The event is organized by volunteer members of the Eastern Newfoundland Science Fairs Council. Members of the council are teachers, university researchers and instructors, as well as other members of the local community.