A PhD and Governor General’s Gold Medal for graduation

May 31st, 2023

By Jackey Locke

Sylvester Boadi Aboagye is celebrating his golden moment.

He has been selected to receive the 2023 Governor General’s Gold Medal in Graduate Studies award, which recognizes excellence in a doctoral program at Memorial. He will also receive the David Dunsiger Award for Excellence.

Originally from Ghana, Mr. Aboagye will officially receive a doctor of philosophy degree in electrical engineering during spring convocation ceremonies on June 1.

His research focuses on resource allocation techniques for visible light communication systems.

This involved developing methods to efficiently allocate resources, such as bandwidth and power, to enhance the performance and reliability of communication systems that utilize visible light as a medium.

His research has the potential to advance communication technologies, cater to the demands of emerging wireless applications, provide connectivity solutions in challenging environments and promote sustainability and energy efficiency, he says.

“These contributions can shape the future of wireless communication, particularly in the context of 6G networks and beyond.”

‘Joy and pride’

The Governor General’s Gold Medal in Graduate Studies is one of the most prestigious awards that a student at a Canadian educational institution can receive.

The gold medal is awarded to the student who receives the highest academic standard in a graduate degree program.

The David Dunsiger Award for Excellence is awarded at spring convocation to an engineering graduate who produces work of outstanding quality.

A man wearing a black shirt and great sports coat smiles for the camera.

“Winning these awards bring immense joy and pride to me, my family and my supervisors,” he said. “Their unwavering support and encouragement have been instrumental in my success, and this accolade is a testament to our collective efforts.

“It is a source of inspiration for me to continue pursuing excellence and making a positive difference in the world and a tremendous honour that I will always cherish,” he continued. “Professionally, winning these awards boosts my confidence and affirms my contributions are valued and recognized by esteemed peers and experts in the field.”

An honour to teach

Dr. Octavia Dobre, interim dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, was Mr. Aboagye’s supervisor and speaks very highly of him as a student and as an individual.

“Mr. Aboagye is an exceptional individual and researcher and I was honoured to be his supervisor, along with Dr. Telex Ngatched,” said Dr. Dobre. “I’m sure he will accomplish great things in his career. I wish him all the very best.”

While completing his doctoral degree, Mr. Aboagye was awarded a two-year Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowship for Black and Indigenous Scholars Award from York University.

Dr. Aboagye plans to pursue a career that combines his passion for teaching, research and mentoring.

“My primary focus is to secure a faculty position at a Canadian university,” he said. “I have already taken steps towards this goal by submitting applications to various academic institutions. I eagerly await responses and hope for positive outcomes in my job search.”