Our regular faculty members, instructors, and administrative staff want to make your experience in our department enriching and positive. We have a broad range of interests and expertise to help guide you through your program.

Dr. Kam H. Chu


Office:A 3089
Telephone:(709) 864-8102
Email: kchu@mun.ca

Research Interests:Money and Banking in Canada and Hong Kong; Free Banking, Banking Regulation, Banking Stability and Deposit Insurance

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Dr. Tony Fang

Professor and Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Economic and Cultural Transformation

Office:IIC 2010B
Telephone:(709) 864-3779
Email: tfang@mun.ca

Research Interests:Labour economics and applied econometrics. Global and local cultures, immigration, diasporas, demographic change and strategies for population growth and immigration retention and integration, pension, retirement policy and the ageing workforce, economics of education and minimum wages, recruitment and retention of international students.

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Dr. Lynn Gambin

Associate Professor
Co-operative Education Coordinator and Undergraduate Program Director

Telephone:(709) 864-8103
Email: lynn.gambin@mun.ca

Research Interests:Labour economics; economics of education; health economics; public policy; programme evaluation; and vocational education and training.

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Dr. Gubhinder Kundhi

Associate Professor

Telephone:(709) 864-8108
Email: gkundhi@mun.ca

Research Interests:Applied Econometrics, Econometrics Theory, Micro-Econometrics, Statistics

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  Dr. Nikita Lyssenko
Dr. Nikita Lyssenko, associate professor

Associate Professor

Telephone:(709) 864-2149
Email: nlysenko@mun.ca

Research Interests:Environmental economics, valuation of environmental and natural resources, economics of climate change

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Dr. Rober Martínez-Espiñeira

Professor and Department Head

Telephone:(709) 864-3676
Email: rmartinezesp@mun.ca

Research Interests:Water demand and water pricing, valuation of natural resources and other non-marketed goods and services

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Dr. Nahid Masoudi Dr. Nahid Masoudi

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Telephone:(709) 864-4015
Email: nmasoudi@mun.ca

Research Interests: Environmental and Resource Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Game Theory, Public Economics

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Dr. Derek Messacar

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Office: A3091
Telephone: (709) 864-2465
Email: dmessacar@mun.ca

Research Interests: Public, Labour, Behavioural, Education, Empirical Micro

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Professor Emeritus

Dr. Noel Roy (Retired)

Dr. William E. Schrank (Retired)


Honorary Research Professors

Dr. Jim Feehan (Retired)  Email: feehan@mun.ca

Dr. Doug May (Retired)  Email: dmay@mun.ca

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Dr. C Michael Wernerheim (Retired), Email: wern@mun.ca

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