C Michael Wernerheim

C Michael Wernerheim, B.A. (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (Uppsala)

Professor (Retired)
Honorary Research Professor

Fields of Specialization:
Renewable Natural Resource & Environmental Economics; and Industrial Economics & Organization of Services Industries

I retired from my post as Professor of Economics in Fall 2021 after 37 years of service, of which 33 years were at Memorial. I continue to serve as Adviser, Global Affairs Canada, Environmental Assessment Advisory Group (EAAG); and as a member of the Editorial Board of International Journal on Business & Economic Development (IJBED). My research in retirement falls into two areas: the economics of services; and regional economic history.

Current Research:
Wernerheim, C. M. (2021), (2020), (2019), (2018), (2017), (2016), (2015), and (2014), “Services Industries in Canada (Canada)”, in Europa World online, Europa Regional Surveys of the World, 24th, 23rd, 22nd, 21st, 20th, 19th, 18th, 17th Editions. London: Routledge.

Work and Life at a Swedish Castle: Kronovall in the regional economy 1650-1950