Alumni Testimonials

Our Alumni, Who They are and What They are Doing

Graduates from our department have a multitude of career options. Some opt for graduate school and a life in academia. Others decide to hit the ground running in the industry of their choice. These can include careers in banking, investment, accountancy, government, NGO's, the actuarial field, and international development. While statistics on economics graduates indicate that economics undergraduates and graduates are in the top 20 and 25 percent of all disciplines and our graduates deal with multi-faceted and multi-dimensional issues that are important and interesting, the Department of Economics will help you understand more about economics through the words of our alumni.

Patrick Withey

 Michael Sullivan
 Michael Sullivan

Jamie Coles

Bill Mullaly

Joelle Aucoin

Ann Blackmore


Jeffrey Mollins


Patrick Berrigan


Doug Trask
VP, R&D Opportunities with the
Research & Development Corporation

Christoph Pike
Law Student, University of Toronto

Dr. Andrew Davis
Assistant Professor of Economics
at Acadia University