Dr. Michael Babechuk



Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office: ER5018
Phone: 709-864-6095
Fax: 709-864-2589
E-mail: mbabechuk @ mun.ca

Research interests

The framework of my research is the ultra-trace element analysis of different geological media (rocks, sediment, water), built on a foundation of well-contextualized field work, mineralogy, and major element geochemistry. I also integrate radiogenic and stable metal isotope geochemistry into my research projects, with recent focus on the stable isotope geochemistry of aqueous Cr(III). I use these tools to unravel the geochemical fingerprints of different processes on Earth with emphasis on how they have evolved in deep time, from Archean to present.
Currently, my broad research themes are:


  • Temporal changes in continental weathering cycles across Earth’s major oxygenation intervals and the preservation of associated geochemical fingerprints in the ancient rock record
  • Geochemical fingerprints of alteration processes from the micro- to macro-scale
  • Geochemical behaviour of the extended high field strength element group (W, Mo)
  • Isotopic and high field strength element geochemistry of mafic rocks with implications for reconstructing the evolution of Earth’s depleted mantle reservoir
  • Technique development and pushing the boundaries of solution Quadrupole-ICP-MS analysis