Sarah Moriarty

Sarah Moriarty


Program: PhD
Room number: ER 6008

Thesis Title: Application of isotopic tracers for understanding fluid-rock interactions and geochemical cycling in seafloor hydrothermal systems

Supervisor: Dr. John W. Jamieson

Other information

In 2017 I received a dual B.Sc. in Marine Science/oceanography and Geology from Kutztown University, where my research primarily focused on barrier island system evolution. I joined John Jamieson’s working group for my M.Sc. in 2018, and after graduating in 2020, decided to continue on in the same working group for my Ph.D. as an iMAGE-CREATE trainee. For my current research, I utilize stable isotopes (Sr, multiple S isotopes) as a tool to constrain sub-seafloor fluid/rock interactions affecting hydrothermal fluid cycling and associated seafloor massive sulfide deposit formation at submarine hydrothermal vent sites.