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Any Level

Learn Russian (LR)Lessons offered in Russian for all levels. 
Russian for EveryoneRussian lesson and quizes for all levels. This truely is a great site for language learning.
Everyday RussianBeginner - Advanced online Russian lessions. Over 400 lessons including vocab, grammar, reading, and listening. 
LearnRussianOnline Russian lessons ranging from beginner to advanced learners. Provides a variety of online practice tests and phonetic exercises. 
Russian for FreeOnline Russian lessons ranging from beginner to advanced. Large collection of lessons including grammar, vocab, and phrases, as well as a collection of video, music, and comic resources. 
Russian LessonsAll in one website to learn how to speak Russian. Lessons are given by native Russian speakers.
50 common phrases in RussianLearn common Russian phrases with this video.
Pronunciation tipsYouTube playlist of pronunciation tips and tricks by a Russian native speaker.
Pronunciation tips
Pronunciation tips for rolled R by a non-native Russian speaker.

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RUSS 1000/1001 Course Resources
Между намиThis is the textbook for Russian 1000/1001.
External Resources
BBC Languages - Russian Quick FixEssential holiday phrases with corresponding mp3 files.
Master RussianLearn the basics of Russian grammar, pronunciation and test yourself with quizzes.
Ukindia - Learn to Read Russian Russian script lessons.
DuolingoMake learning Russian fun with this interactive software. Note: Requires you to create a free account.
FluentULearn how to master Cyrillic alphabet.
Real Russian ClubYouTube channel where you can find good videos on Russian grammar, pronunciation, as well as Russian traveling VLOGS and info about Russian culture/history.

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Intermediate and Advanced

Intermediate and Advanced
Intermediate - Advanced ExercisesA large selection of various practice problems for intermediate - advanced learners. 
Listening ExercisesA collection of listening exercises for intermediate to advanced learners. 
AlphadictionaryExplanation of Russian grammar at an advanced level. 
IQshaPractice reading, listening, and writing skills for advanced learners.
Advanced Grammatical ExercisesPDF document of a collection of Russian practice exercises for advanced learners. 
Advanced Russian GrammarRussian Grammar textbook for advanced learners. 
Advanced Russian Grammar Book + Answer KeyPDF Copy of a Russian textbook for advanced learners. Each chapter has a variety of practice problems and you can find an answer key and the end of the book.

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Dictionaries and Other Resources

dic.academicSuggested by Professor Brookes: excellent for more advanced students. A good collection of dictionaries, as well as Vasmer's etymological dictionary.
GramotaSuggested by Professor Brookes: great for its orthographic dictionary (for stresses and stress shifts and the like:
LingvoSuggested by Professor Brookes: this dictionary includes audio as well as a Russian keyboard.
Forvo Pronunciation DictionaryType in the Russian word or phrase you want to hear and get pronunciation from speakers around the world.
LingueeSearch and compare the use of words and phrases between English and Russian texts. While Linguee does have an inbuilt dictionary, it is primarily a corpus. Examples should not be universally taken as 1:1 translations.
AlphadictionaryExplanation of Russian grammar at an advanced level.
Bab.laEnglish-Russian dictionary and verb conjugator.
Master RussianList of Russian verbs with their diferent tenses. 
MultiranDictionary for advanced learners.
en-umbrellaOnline Russian-English dictionary with transcription for advanced learners. 

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News, Arts and Culture

The Moscow TimesRussian news (in English) and culture.
RamblerRussian news for intermediate-advanced learners.
Russian CuisineLearn how to cook great Russian dishes.
Russian CultureLearn about Russia's traditions, customs and more.
Russian WikipediaPractice your reading skills on a topic that interests you.
Way to RussiaExcellent travel guide websites.
Russian MusicФАБРИКА - Зажигают огоньки
Земфира - Мы разбиваемся
Zemfira - Жить в твоей голове
Russian Video PlaylistsRussian educational cartoons.
Soviet CartoonsAnimated Soviet movies in English and/or with English subtitles.
Soviet Classics
Soviet classic films and TV series with English subtitles. Includes the most popular Russian series ever, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.
RuspeachRussian podcasts, news, and idioms.

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