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PregoThe companion website for the Italian 1000 / 1001 textbook.    
Modern Italian Grammar Very useful as a reference and for extra practice.
Online Italian Club   Exercises at the beginners' level.
Cyber Italian     Italian Alphabet and useful phrases.
EILanguages Italian Tutorials Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar.  
ILUSS Italian Online
Grammar, writing, vocabulary, listening, online speaking practice available.
Vocab quizzes, hangman, and word games. Always remember to learn the gender with each noun. Definite articles are not tested here.
One World Italiano Grammar exercises at beginners' level.
Digital DialectsPractice your vocabulary playing these games that have audio as well.
PuntolinguaExercises at the beginner level.
DuolingoMake learning Italian fun with this interactive software. Note: Requires you to create a free account.

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Grammatica ItalianaPractical guides to parts of speech and common proverbs.
ThoughtCo - Italian WorkbookItalian Workbook Exercises                            
Online Italian Club
Exercises at the intermediate's level.
EI LanguagesItalian verbs and their tenses.
PuntolinguaExercises at the intermediate level.
One World ItalianoRevision of all tenses at the intermediate level.

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Exercises at the advanced level.                         
Video TutorialsLearn how to speak Italian the Italian way.
Italian Native SpeakersOne of the best way to learn how to speak a language is to listnen to native speakers. 
Full ItalianConfident enough? Test your skills in vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

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LarouseeVery helpful English-Italian, Italian-English dictionary.
Dizionario   Dictionary of Italian definitions. 
Word ReferenceOnline multilingual dictionary word searches from English to Italian, to French, to Spanish, to German, and a host of other languages.
Online bilingual dictionariesChoose from a variety of online dictionaries to help you find the word you're looking for.
LingueeEnglish-Italian Dictionary.

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Language and Culture Resources

Transparent Language Proficiency QuizTest your level of Italian with this handy quiz.
Italian Wikipedia  Practice your reading skills on a topic that interests you.
Ciao ItaliaRead about current events in this online newspaper.
LetteraturaRead about Italian writers on this website suitable for the intermediate to advanced level.
BBC ItalianTest your Italian level; learn with crossword puzzles and other games; or complete a self-contained course.
Italian ClubLearn Italian and start according to your level. Tutorials available from A1-beginner level to C2-proficiency level.

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RepubblicaRead about current events in this online newspaper.
Corriere della SeraWatch newsclips from this Italian news site.

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