Resources for Instructors

The Digital Learning Centre offers instructors in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences the opportunity to incorporate technology into their teaching in a variety of ways that promote student engagement and peer learning.


  • 40 workstations for practice and teaching. Uni-directional layout.
  • 1 instructor workstation
  • Mounted video projector and speakers
  • Region-free DVD player

If you would like to book a class in the DLC, please contact the centre director, Karin Thomeier; 864-8585 or karint @ mun dot ca.

DLC Booking Policy

If you require specialized software in the DLC for your particular discipline, please let us know before the deadline listed below, either by contacting the Arts Computing Centre or the DLC director.

Deadline for Fall 2019: August 9, 2019

Deadline for Winter 2020: December 6, 2019

We will try to accommodate Windows-based software requests wherever possible.


How you can use the DLC

Apple Remote Desktop

  • enables observation of students’ computers
  • ability to control student stations (e.g., to show how to do something)
  • display a student’s monitor on the projection screen
  • send a message to individual students,
  • lock the students’ computers (e.g., to ensure undivided attention at a critical point in the lecture, for example).

Projecting individual or groups of desktops semi-anonymously on the main projection screen for group discussion of a particular piece of writing is used quite successfully in French introductory and second-year writing courses. Students are aware of the presence of Remote Desktop and do not feel uncomfortable about having their answers displayed, since the software does not identify individual learners.

Audio and video capabilty provided through the headset at each student station:

  • allows for individualized playback and/or repetition of a videoclip used in class.
  • particularly useful in second language culture courses, where the instructor might ask students to view a clip in the target language and discuss content and vocabulary used.
  • Example: In English as a Second Language classes taught in the DLC, students view a series of TED Talks individually and then discuss what they've seen. They also work on individual oral presentations to be given at a later point in the semester.





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