Access and Sample submission

Registration for Training

C-CART offers training on almost all its instruments for hands-on use (see exceptions on instrumentation description). Users will need to register with C-CART first and then discuss training with the appropriate staff. Training will be provided only once the user is ready to run his/her own samples.

C-CART users will also be given access to the online scheduler (FACES). The online scheduler is used to book instrument time as well as for important communication from the facility. Use of an instrument without prior booking will not be tolerated.

Registration Form

All registered users must comply to the C-CART Terms of Use.

Sample Submission

Registered users who cannot run the samples themselves (COVID restrictions for expample) can submit their samples to be run by the facility staff using the online sample submission forms.

Non-registered users and external users may also submit samples to be run by the facility staff. 

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