Crushing Facilities

Powder Crushing

The powder crushing lab can be used to produce rock powders for use with XRD, XRF, and ICP-MS. A BICO Chipmunk jaw crusher, Seibtechnik tungsten carbide puck mill, and a Retsch PM-100 ball mill with agate or steel insert types can be used depending on sample size, type of analysis, and elements of interest.

Mineral Separate Processing

The mineral separate processing labs contain all the equipment needed for standard U-Pb geochronology sample processing, but can be used for other purposes as well. There is a hydraulic splitter, jaw crusher, disc mill, Wilfley table, heavy liquids lab, and Frantz Magnetic separator. The sample processed in this facility would then generally be analyzed in the TIMS lab or with the LA-ICP-MS. Note: users of this lab who plan on processing samples themselves are required to take the Respiratory Protection Training and get fit tested for a dust mask before booking time in the lab.


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