COVID-19 Operations

Dear MAF users,

As you may have heard through a statement from the VPR office, steps are taken to reinstate some research capabilities. We, at MAF, have made plans to return gradually to operation in phase with the Governement of Newfoundland and Labrador and the CRWG recommendations. Please be aware that our opening phases may differ from the dates from the provincial government to accomodate our own requirements and lab space restrictions. Our priority is your safety as well as the safety of our staff and equipment while resuming samples analysis. 

You will find below all the informations necessary of our phased-approach return to activity. Please note that this webpage will be updated regularly to adjust to the ever-changing situation. (Last updated August 11th, 2021)

 We are currently running in Green 

Phases of return to operation


Experienced users can run their samples. Density restrictions are in place to allow 1 person per 30 square ft
  • Senior users whose research is close to completion will be given priority.

  • Users must take COVID-19 online training.

  • Users must comply to all COVID-19 lab safety rules.

  • Users are encouraged to wear personal non-medical masks while in the lab.

  • Users must sign the cleaning checklist when leaving the lab.

  • Users who shows symptoms, even if mild, are not allowed in the lab

  • In-person training of new users is now permitted


All samples are run by MAF staff.
  • CRWG has granted access to the user (proof required)

  • All contact with staff must be done by email

  • Online sample submission forms. All forms must be completed before dropping the samples

  • Samples must be dropped off/picked up at specific time and location (see below)

  • Properly labeling of samples is essential. Failure to do so will result in the sample being discarded.

  • Grouping of samples/experiments is strongly encouraged

  • No training


Lab Inspections performed by MAF staff. Remote research is supported.

Drop-off times/locations by Instruments

For each of the below instruments, please contact the lab coordinators to set up a time/location for sample delivery.

MAF COVID-19 Lab Safety rules

  • Cleaning Procedure

    • Handwashing is mandatory when entering the room
    • All surfaces should be wiped down with the provided EtOH solution before and after usage. Use the spray bottle provided in the lab to spray the solution onto a paper towel before wiping down all surfaces. Do not spray directly on surface as it can cause damages
      • Door/Door handles
      • Desk/Chair
      • Computer keyboard, mouse and screen
      • Instrument surfaces
    • Handwashing should be repeated every 30 minutes
  • PPE
    • Masks should be worn at all time when in the lab
    • Gloves should be worn when manipulating samples
    • Do not enter the room with gloves worn outside the lab
    • Users should wear fresh, clean lab coats on every visit
  • Physical Distancing
    • Only one person at a time is allowed in the room
    • Users should not be allowed to walk in to see if an instrument is free. All the checking
      and booking must be done online.
    • Access to the room might be granted only after discussion with staff
    • All communication with staff should be made by email or phone
    • Doors will remain locked at all time
    • Follow floor markings when available


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