Data Processing

C-CART made the acquisition of a campus license for Mnova Suite for NMR and MS data processing. All you have to do is to follow the instructions below and have a CCART account. You will be able to download the software on your own laptop and use it anywhere, even off campus.

Due to the limit of seats (50), we reserve the right to give access in priority to graduate students who are currently using the facilities on a regular basis. You should also be aware that non-CCART users will be automatically removed from the server and that your license will expire automatically if not used for 90 days. You will then be able to renew it, as long as there are seats available.

As an aside, we’d like to stress the importance of backing up your data from our server to your computer. Instructions on how to access your data can be found here. Please note that the server is only accessible from within MUN firewall (and not on STU network).

Three other advanced plugins are also available to add to the NMR component:, NMRPredict (1H and X-nuclei spectrum prediction based on molecule structure) qNMR (for quantitative NMR) and RM (reaction monitoring). For more information on their functionalities and installation, please visit MestreLab website

The Mnova suite is a very comprehensive tool for chemists. Here is a non-exhaustive list of its features:

-NMR plugin:

· 1D and 2D processing
· Multiple data analysis and visualization
· Automatic DOSY and arrayed data analysis
· Assignment from molecules drawing (auto and manual)
· Resolution of overlapping multiplets with Global Spectra Deconvolution

-MS plugin:

· Processing, analyzing LC-GC/MS
· Multi-vendor interface
· Multiple data handler
· Smoothing, deconvolution, isotope matching, baseline correction, integration…
· Extract ion chromatograph, report intensities, extract UV spectra…
· Works with MALDI and DESI data
· Combine all your data in one document!

To install Mnova on your computer:

1. Find the license folder here: \\\ccart\Mnova
2. Save the licenses you need (MS, NMR, qNMR, RM or NMRpredict) on your computer
3. Download the latest version (12.0.4) of the software here
4. Run Mnova
5. Go to ‘Help/Get-Install’ menu and click on ‘Install’ button (‘Help/Evaluate-Buy’ and click on ‘Activate’) then navigate to the license file and double click on it.
6. The application is activated.

For qNMR and RM plugins, download from the website and drag into Mnova suite.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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