COMP 3100: Web Programming

This course would be of interest to students who want to design web applications.

Prerequisites:  COMP 2006 and  COMP 2007

Availability: This course is usually offered once per year, in Fall or Winter.

Course Objectives

This course studies the web information system from a programming perspective. It teaches how web data are transferred across the network, how to design interactive browser content and how to provide dynamic pages from the server.

Representative Workload
  • Assignments (5) 30%
  • In-class Exam 20%
  • Project 20%
  • Final Exam 30%
Representative Course Outline
  • Web information systems foundation (3 hours)
    • HTTP
    • Web servers
    • Browsers and other clients
  • Client side (12 hours)
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • JavaScript
    • Browser API
    • Browser Development Tools
    • Mobile web applications
  • Server side (11 hours)
    • CGI
    • Python Server Frameworks (such as Flask)
  • Application frameworks (4 hours)
  • Credit cannot be obtained for Computer Science 3100 and the former Computer Science 3715.

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