Departmental Events

Seminar: Scalable Feature Selection Methods by Augmenting Sparse Least Squares

Seminar: Superior Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms in Metabolic Equivalent (MET) Prediction Using Cell Phone Accelerometer Data

Seminar: Promotech: A universal tool for promoter detection in bacterial DNA sequences

Seminar: sRNA Target Prediction

Seminar: Experimenting with the Feedback Search Algorithm for Global Optimization of a Non-Convex Function

Seminar: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with ARIMA and Prophet

Seminar: PANDA: Prioritization of Autism-genes using Network-based Deep-learning Approach

Seminar: Representing Transcription Factor Dimers Using Forked-Position Weight Matrices

Seminar: Analyzing the Visual 3-D Behaviors of Humans and Animals

Seminar: Genome-wide association study of colorectal cancer using evolutionary computing

Seminar: Deep Neural Network for Text-to-Image Synthesis

Seminar: What can we learn from road traffic accidents

Seminar: Financial fraud detection using machine learning

Seminar: Cryptography-based boosting?

Seminar: Utilizing RNNs and Ensemble Learning for Enhanced Bacterial sRNA Classification

Sixteenth Annual Student Research Forum

SEMINAR: Studying the human microbiome: challenges and rewards


Seminar: Comparing lattice-based cryptosystems NTRU & D-NTRU

Seminar: Delay Tolerant Networking Based On Human Mobility Prediction Using Mobile Phone Data

Seminar: Blind Image Quality Assessment

Seminar: Attribute/Behavior-Based Access Control and Its Application in Healthcare System

Seminar: A Window to your Smartphone: Enhancing Social Interaction with Augmented Virtuality Using Depth Sensing Cameras

Seminar: Extracting topics from books: distinguishing books between/within genres

Seminar: State Representation for Deep Learning in Large State and Action Spaces

Seminar: A Comparative Study Of Feature Clustering On Gene Selection

Seminar: Genome-wide prioritization of autism spectrum disorder risk genes using network science and evolutionary computing

Seminar: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Real-time Strategy Game Artificial Intelligence

Seminar: Orbital Construction: A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Building Enclosures Using Swarm Systems

Seminar: A Complete Software for Biomarker Discovery Work

Seminar: Dependency Inversion and its Contribution to DevOps

Seminar: Cryptographic hardness of feature selection in strict and pure synthetic genetic datasets

Seminar: The Computational Complexity of Controller-Environment Co-design using Library Selection for Distributed Construction

Seminar: Implementation of machine learning algorithm to find classification of features of osteoarthritis (OA)

Seminar: Cloud Move of the Virtualization Environment

Seminar: Real-Time Record and Playback Application by using Audio Unit

Seminar: Random CNF formulas are hard to refute in Cutting Planes

Seminar: Auditing Consent Access with Ethereum Blockchain

Seminar: Implementing a Web Application for The Neighbours Project

Seminar: The Computational Complexity of Controller-Environment Co-design using Library Selection for Distributed Construction

Seminar: Teach and repeat path following for an autonomous underwater vehicle

Seminar: Privacy-Preserving Query Processing on Health Data

Seminar: Evolution of social networks through smart phones and radio sensors

Seminar: Investigation of Vertex Centralities in Human Gene-Disease Networks

Seminar: Proactive Fog Computing Framework Using Sphere of Visibility

Fifteenth Annual Student Research Forum

Seminar: Investigation of Vertex Centralities in Human Gene-Disease Networks

Seminar: Discovering Type 1 Diabetes Patient Subgroups through Integrative Analysis of Heterogeneous Data

Seminar: A Personalized Course Recommendation System Based on Career Goals

Seminar: Ensemble Learning for Detecting Gene-Gene Interactions in Colorectal Cancer was published

Seminar: A Fog Computing Framework for Scalable RFID Systems in Global Supply Chain Management

Seminar: Privacy-preserving Online Social Networks

Graduate Program Seminars Dec 1, 2017

Graduate Program Seminars Nov 30, 2017

Seminar: An artificial CPG inspired by a pond snail

Graduate Program Seminars Nov 24, 2017

Graduate Program Seminars Nov 23, 2017

Seminar: Deep neural network for Genome-Wide Association Studies and the impact of SNP locations

Seminar: Consent Management in Healthcare by Using Blockchain Technology

Seminar: Development of a Music Practice Application Based on iOS

Seminar: A Comparative Assessment of RDBMS and NoSQL for Integration with Solr System

Seminar: Inferring Gene Function from Atlantic Cod Gene Expression Data using Machine Learning

Seminar: A Window to your Smartphone: Exploring Interaction and Communication in Immersive VR with Augmented Virtuality

Seminar: Automatic Image Analysis for High Content Screening

Seminar: Continuous Authentication and its Application in Personal Health Record Systems

Seminar: GPU-Based Monte Carlo Simulation for the Design of Ice Loads

Seminar: Augmented Reality as a Telemedicine Platform for Remote Procedural Training

Seminar: Deep Neural Network for Image Stylisation

Seminar: On the Computational Complexity of Designing and Reconfiguring Component-based Software Systems

Seminar: A Traffic Signal Control Algorithm for Emergency Vehicles

Seminar: Thesis Proposal Presentation

Seminar: The Graph Homomorphism Problem and its Applications

Seminar: Privacy-Preserving Feature Selection

Seminar: Unified and Optimal Lower Bounds for Monotone Computation

Seminar: Lattice Boltzmann Method and Vortex Methods for Fluid Animation

Seminar: A Hybrid Genetic Programming Based Decision Making System for Multi-Agent Systems of RoboCup Soccer Simulation

Seminar: Opportunistic Routing and Network Coding in Multi-hop Wireless Mesh Networks

Seminar: Pattern Formation in Anonymous Swarms of Robots

Graduate Program Seminars

Seminar: Learning to Cache through Predictive Execution

Seminar: Learning from Natural Proofs

Seminar: Priority-Based Human-Swarm Interaction Applied to a Foraging Application

Thesis Proposal Presentations

Seminar: Putting it all together: A Complexity Perspective on Creating Robot Swarms

Seminar: Privacy-Preserving Statistical Analysis Methods and their Applications on Health Research

Seminar: Self-Coach: An Intelligent WBAN System for Heart Disease Prediction Using Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm

Seminar: A Secure e-Prescription System Based on NFC

Seminar: HTML5 Mobile Web Application for MUN Orientation

Seminar: GWAS data analysis of colorectal cancer using PLINK

Seminar: Development of A Cross-platform Survey System

Seminar: Design for Behavior Change: A Model-Driven Approach for Tailoring Persuasive Technology

Heuristic Search Techniques for Real-Time Strategy Games

Achieving the Full Potential Internet of Things (IoT)

Thesis Proposal Presentation: Proposal for Automatic Ultrasound Operator Skill Evaluation

Thesis Proposal Presentation: “A novel and interactive heatmap tool and its application to an interspecies protein abundance data”

Seminar: Exploring Gesture Control with Depth Sensing Camera in Virtual Reality

Seminar: Scaled-down Rice's Theorem And Connections With Satisfiability Problem

Seminar: Fighting Isolation in Immersive Virtual Reality using Smartphones

Seminar: Secure E-prescription System based on NFC Technology

Seminar: Implementing Object or Face Recognition based Combination of Deep Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm

Semiar: An Intelligent WBAN system for Heart Disease Prediction Using Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (ITS-WBAN)

Seminar: Turbulence Enhanced Statistic based Fluid Simulation

Seminar: A Personalized Course Recommendation System Based on Career Goals

Seminar: Human-Swarm Interaction and Swarm Intelligence in Search and Rescue

Seminar: Formation Controlled Collective Surveying by a Swarm of Autonomous Robots

Seminar: Scaled-down Rice's Theorem And Connections With Satisfiability Problem

Seminar: A Hybrid Genetic Programming Based Decision Making System for Multi-Agent Systems of RoboCup Soccer Simulation

Seminar: Privacy-Preserving Statistical Analysis Methods and their Applications on Health Research

Seminar: A novel method combining statistical approach and machine learning method to predict patient survival from gene expression profiles

Seminar: Mining Product Opinion from Tweets

Seminar: Simulation Framework for Replicated Data Types Evaluation

Seminar: Medicine Detection System

Seminar: A PHR System With Policy-Based Fine-Grained Access Control And Revocation Mechanism

Seminar: Automatic and Adaptable Registration of Live RGBD Video Streams Sharing Partial Overlapping Views

Seminar: Connect!: Interactive High-Quality Real-Time Audio Streaming on Mobile Devices for Musicians

Seminar: Integrating Structured Data Using Property Precedence

Seminar: Labeling Large Scale Social Media Data using Budget-driven One-class SVM classification

Seminar: Detecting Anomalies from Evolving Data Stream

Seminar: Planning an interesting path

Seminar: Forecasting Trends in U.S Equities Markets Using Machine Learning and Full-Depth Market Data

Seminar: DeReEs: Real-Time Registration of RGBD Images Using Image-Based Feature Detection And Robust 3D Correspondence Estimation and Refinement

Seminar: What Do Images Tell Us about the Geometry of an Object?

Seminar: Complexity of Machine Translation: Restrictions and Approximations

Seminar: Linear Discriminant Analysis of Brain Neural Signals

Seminar: Glia-Augmented Artificial Neural Networks; Foundations and Applications

Seminar: Aspects of Homomorphic Encryption

Seminar: An Introduction to RoboCup and Soccer 2D Simulation League

Seminar: Exploring Options for Efficiently Evaluating the Playability of Computer Game Agents

Seminar: An Epigenetic Approach for Genetic Programming in Dynamic Environments

Seminar: Modelling Evolvability and Robustness in Genetic Programming

Seminar: Using Nearest Neighbor-Like Machine Learning Algorithms for Prediction of Transcription Factor Binding Affinity

Seminar: Memory Organization and Buffer Construction for GPGPU for 2D Physics

Seminar: Cluster-Centric Anomaly Detection and Characterization in Spatial Time Series

Seminar: Robustness and Evolvability in Evolutionary Computation

Seminar: Quantifying the Stability of Phylogenetic Trees

Seminar: Detecting Anomalies and Motifs in Environmental Data Streams

Seminar: Implementing a robust teleconferencing system using multiple depth-sensing cameras

Seminar: Integrating Structured Data Using Property Precedence

Seminar: Artificial Bee Colony based Patch Match

Seminar: A robust algorithm to compare chemical structures

Seminar: Representations of psychological, logical, or biological features by means of "softness"

Seminar: Regulation and Expression Pathway Analysis or REPA: A novel method to facilitate biological interpretation of high throughput expression profiling data

Seminar: Building Emergent Ontology from Folksonomies

Seminar: When Does a Slime Mould Compute?

Seminar: A Study of Geovisual Analytics for Exploring Event Anomalies Over
Multiple Geospatial Data Sets

Seminar: Let the Data Speak ! Or how Network, Information and Social Sciences can help us Navigate in the era of Big Data

Seminar: A Comprehensive Approach for Evaluation of Stereo Correspondence Solutions in Outdoor Augmented Reality

Seminar: A Recommender System for Breast Cancer Patients

Seminar: Glider mission planning using generic solvers

Seminar: New Variants of the Graph Reconstruction Conjecture

Seminar: Gambling, Computational Information, and Encryption Security

Seminar: Bindings in Colored Petri-Nets

Seminar: Self-Tuning One-Class Support Vector Machines for Data Classification

Seminar: Delay-Tolerant Networks with Network Coding: How Well Can We Simulate Real Devices?

Eleventh Annual Student Research Forum 2014

Seminar: Parallelizing the Geophysical Inversion Program ArjunAir: A Hybrid Distributed/Shared Memo

Seminar: Artificial Chemistry-Based Cell Replication Subjected to Evolution

Seminar: Real-Time Time-Warped Multiscale Signal Processing for Scientific Visualization

Seminar: Classification using One-class SVM under Lable Noise

Seminar: New Variants of the Graph Reconstruction Conjecture

Seminar: Using machine learning approach to scoring the expression status of the biomarkers in breast cancer

Seminar: Proteins as Small-World Networks: Useful Abstraction or Sexy Illusion?

Seminar: Educating Genghi: A Complexity Perspective on Designing Reactive Swarms

Seminar: Projective Analysis for 3D Shape Segmentation

Seminar: The COACH: An automated daily task support for older adults with dementia

Seminar: When Geography Meets Computer Sciences: Geovisual Analytics of Maritime Movement Data

Seminar: Big Data Curation

Seminar: Fine-Grained Peer-to-Peer Synchronization

Seminar: Automated Agent Design for Playable Scenarios in Computer Games

Seminar: Strategy and Data Driven Research

Seminar: Policy-based fine-grained access control in Online Social Networks(OSNs)

Seminar: Analysis of a 3-neuron network in Lymnaea stagnalis – How symmetry and delay affect dynamics in neural networks

Seminar: Competing One-class Support Vector Machines

Seminar: Real-time 3D Registration of Multiple Depth Cameras

Seminar: Approximation algorithms for AUV mission planning

Seminar: Improving Specificity in Mammography Using Cross-correlation between Wavelet and Fourier Transform

Seminar: Machine Learning and Structured Prediction Models

Seminar: Privacy in a Big Data World: Some Recent Research

Seminar: AUV Path Planning in Linear Time and Faster Single-Source Multiple-Goal Path Planning

Seminar: Lattice-based Digital Signature Scheme

Seminar: Approximate Monotone Complexity of Boolean Functions

Seminar: Portfolio Greedy Search and Simulation for Large-Scale Combat in StarCraft

Seminar: Meta-Algorithms: Links between Algorithm Design and Lower Bounds

Seminar: First-Person Perspective Gesture Recognition

Seminar: Stereo Matching Solutions for Real-Time 3D Reconstruction of Outdoor Environments

Seminar: Skolem-type Sequences: Applications and Related Topics

Seminar: Quality in Software: What is it, and why should it matter to you?

Tenth Annual Student Research Forum 2013

Seminar: Wikis and the Dissemination of Medical Knowledge

Seminar: Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, & Unknown Unknowns

Seminar: Infrastructureless Social Networking on University Campuses

Seminar: A novel method to facilitate biological interpretation of high throughput expression profiling data

Seminar: A Study of Geovisual Analytics for Exploring Events over Multiple Geospatial Datasets

Seminar: Interactive Application to Visualize Chemical Structural Similarity

Seminar: Virtual Environments for Knowledge Mobilization: Improving Safety at Sea

Seminar: AndroidSpyder: Network Diagnostic Tool

Seminar: Preference-based Composition of Data-Providing Web Services

Seminar: Re-finding Web Browsing Histories with Visualized Cues

Seminar: Web Service Repository Design - A Case Study

Seminar: Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Seminar: Building An Open Laboratory Information System

Seminar: Motion Assisted Indoor Smartphone Positioning in Sparse Wi-Fi Environment

Seminar: Visualization of Ontology Mappings Using Edge Bundling Algorithm

Seminar: A Geovisual Analytics Approach to Spatial and Visual Feature Organization and Exploration

Seminar: The SEMAT Initiative: Reconstituting Software Engineering based on Sound Theoretical Foundations


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