Taught by Dr. Cheema

Current and Recent Courses

  • Biochemistry 3106 Metabolism examines the catabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and amino acids. Other topics will be: mitochondria, chloroplasts and ATP synthesis; biosynthesis of carbohydrates and lipids; metabolic specialization of differentiated cells and tissues; and, integration of metabolism.

  • Biochemistry 2005 Food, Food Safety & Health introduces the concepts of the composition of foods, and how the processing of food affects sensory appeal, shelf life and nutrient composition. Common food and water-borne illnesses (risks and prevention) are covered in the course content. Students will also be introduced to food biotechnologies, including genetically modified organisms, nutriceuticals and the development of functional foods.

  • Biochemistry 4240 Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics is designed to familiarize students with emerging discoveries in the area of diet-gene interaction and to further their understanding of the relationships between the genome and diet as well as the potential to design personalized diets for better health. Students will develop an appreciation for the role of nutrients in the prevention and/or development of disease.