Positions Available

Graduate Student Positions
All positions are currently filled. 

I am not taking additional graduate students at this time


Contact Dr. Berry for further details. Students should include a copy of their academic transcript and a statement of research interests and background in order to determine suitability prior to formal application. Responses are only guaranteed for students including all requested information.

Please note that admission to the Department of Biochemistry and to MUN College of Graduate Studies are independent processes. Admission to one does NOT guarantee admission to the other. You must have a supervisor who has agreed to take you on, before you will be considered by the Biochemisty Department.


Undergraduate Student Positions
Undergraduate honours thesis positions available.

Contact Dr. Berry directly to discuss possible projects.


Other Positions
No positions available at this time.

Potential post-doctoral fellows who have stipend funding secured (or are in the process of applying for such) can contact Dr. Berry directly