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Congratulations to Shreyasi Sarkar who recently successfully completed her transfer exam and is now a PhD student.

Our Pharmacological Reviews article has been selected as the cover article for the latest issue.

Check out our newest publication in collaboration with the Sherri Christian Laboratory, available in Frontiers in Pharmacology here

Our recent publication in Pharmacological Reviews is available here

Congratulations to the latest graduates from the Berry patch. Susan Cole, Mallory Pitts, and Nicole Potter all recently graduated with honours degrees. Susan started dentistry at Dalhousie University in the Fall. Mallory received both the University Medal for Academic Excellence in Biochemistry (Nutrition) and the Grace Morgan Prize for the highest academic standing in Biochemistry (Nutrition) and started MUN medical school in the Fall. Nicole started graduate school at the University of Toronto immediately after graduation.

Research in my laboratory is mainly focused on a group of naturally occurring chemicals called trace amines, the proteins (receptors) that detect their presence, and how these are involved in the control of cellular activity in human health and disease. In particular trace amines are thought to play a role in controlling nerve cell activity in the brain, but may also have effects in other tissues. We have also previously been involved with a project to analyze the pigment and residue composition from Mesoamerican ceramic artefacts, although this project is currently on hold.

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