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Why Arts & Education @ Memorial?

The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures and the Faculty of Education have collaborated to create an exciting and unique program. We offer teachers of French and French immersion the opportunity to enhance their practice and to improve their mastery of the French language and francophone cultures. French teachers are able to further their studies and reflect on their teaching practices: French language, francophone cultures and literatures, second language acquisition as well as teaching methodologies.

The MA & Ed program boasts very competent and qualified full-time teachers and researchers who help the students become more competent and more equipped in their teaching careers. Students can complete this program on a part-time basis within their own schedule while still working in their profession. Thanks to the Digital Language Centre, students have access to the latest technologies that enable the Department to offer courses online. Memorial University is currently working on having all courses in an online format.

Description of program

  • MA & Ed – The program is designed for teachers of French and French immersion who are interested in Francophone literature and culture as a means of enhancing their practice and improving their French language skills. Half of the required courses are offered in Faculty of Education and half are taught in the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Course and project options are offered, and the program can be completed in two years of full-time study. Many courses can be taken online.

Minimum admission requirements

  • MA & Ed – BEd with a focus area in French, or a BA in French and a BEd; minimum 'B' standing or 70% in last 30 courses attempted; two years of experience teaching French; a level of French proficiency satisfactory to the MA & Ed admissions committee (as reflected by a sample of writing in French and possibly an interview in French)

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Program Information
Degrees Offered:

MA & Ed (Education and Francophone Literatures and Cultures)


course, project

Duration (Full-time students):

MA & Ed: 2 years


St. John's

Application Deadline:

September 15 for Winter admission

Tuition (NL students):

MA & Ed: $635-$953/semester

Tuition (Other Canadian students):

MA & Ed: $826-$1,239/semester

Tuition (International students):

MA & Ed: $1,074-$1,611/semester

More tuition information

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