Food Truck Vendors

To operate as a food truck vendor, please complete the following form:

Food Truck Vendor Agreement



  • In all circumstances, operating food truck vendors at Memorial University must have their necessary documentation of approvals/permits/licenses accessible on-site at the time and point of service and readily available if requested by Memorial or appropriate authority. Service NL is responsible for issuing permits and inspecting food establishments that prepare food directly for customers, such as food trucks, caterers, festival food stands, and mobile push carts. Get more information about the rules and details about getting your food truck vendor application here:

Food truck vendors agree to keep their operational waste to a minimum and use compostable or recyclable non-Styrofoam tableware when possible. Food trucks should abide by the federal government “Single –use Plastics Prohibition Regulations”. Get more information about the regulations here: Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations: Overview -

Memorial University and the operating food truck vendor agree to keep the facility and adjacent areas in a clean and orderly condition. Memorial University agrees to provide trash cans and coordinate the removal of all waste material at the conclusion of the event. Food truck vendors must leave the rented space in the clean original condition it was found in. No garbage is to be left behind. Food truck vendors are required to follow the rules in the “Standard Health Guidelines for Mobile Food Premises”. Get more information here:

Food truck vendors (the Tenant) are responsible for knowing the regulations and ensuring that all employees are in compliance at all times. Food truck vendors (the Tenant) and their employees must comply with all applicable Memorial University (the Landlord) policies.

  • Food truck vendors are required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance for a minimum of $2 million and must have Memorial University named as additionally insured. Such certificate must be provided to Ancillary Operations no less than one week prior to on-site service.
  • The Tenant is hereby advised and understands that the personal property of the Tenant is not insured by the Landlord for other damage or loss, and the Landlord assumes no liability for any such loss. The Tenant is advised that, if insurance coverage is desired by the Tenant, Tenant should inquire of Tenant’s insurance agent regarding a Tenant's Policy of Insurance.
  • Permission to operate on Memorial University property must be confirmed with the signature of the Director, Student Residences and Ancillary Operations.
  • Specific location of parked operation will be determined in advance by Memorial University in consultation with the vendor. Only the agreed-upon location is approved. The parked location must not create traffic or safety problems and does not interfere with the activities of other businesses or otherwise interfere with other lawful activities or violate any statutes, ordinances, or other laws. Food truck vendors must immediately comply with requests or directives to relocate the unit for such reasons.
  • Operating food trucks cannot be left unattended or left at Memorial University overnight without permission from Student Residences and Ancillary Operations.
  • Food Truck Vendors will provide their own signage that must be professional in appearance. All Food Trucks must post the name, address, and telephone number of the owner, operator, permittee, or business. This shall be legible and clearly visible to all guests.
  • Each Food Truck must have an approved fire extinguisher and first aid kit in the truck at all times.
  • Food Trucks operating on an agreed-upon schedule will notify Memorial University (Ancillary Operations), in advance, if scheduling has shifted or if a shift must be cancelled by the vendor.
  • Food truck vendors will abide by Memorial University’s water pledge and not sell plastic bottled water.
  • Food truck vendors are only permitted to sell fair trade-certified coffee.

Location Options: Daytime: Outside University Centre next to the clock tower on the area 17 side – or by request.

  • Memorial will process a food truck agreement based on the suitability of using the food truck for the requested event, considering the following:
    • The nature of the event
    • Estimated attendance of event and sales
    • Number and type of food trucks requested
    • Any alternative food options available for the event
    • Contingencies and inclement weather
    • Any other factors (capability to park during winter months; requirements for utility services, noise/use of generators, etc.)

Payment Terms:
All food truck spaces are assigned on a first come, first-served basis. There are no drive-up vendors allowed – you must be contracted in advance. A payment of $100.00 per day (plus applicable taxes) is due following approval. This fee is subject to change without notice. Memorial University (Student Residences and Ancillary Operations) is excited to collaborate with and support the food truck community. As a community-centric venue, Memorial University strives to maintain a friendly, balanced, and welcoming environment. If this initiative is being threatened, we reserve the right to request a disruptive vendor to leave the premises until further notice. Please carefully read this Food Truck Vendor Agreement and the required obligations of both parties before signing. If you are interested in renting a space at Memorial University or have any questions or issues, please contact Student Residences and Ancillary Operations, at These conditions are subject to change as Memorial University continues to grow and reviews the regulatory policies for this type of business activity. This agreement can be cancelled at any time by Memorial University.