Campus Card & Lockers


Your Campus Card is used for:

  • ID: It's the only piece of identification you require to access campus and write your exams. It includes your name, student or employee number, library number, and photo.
  • Library card: It provides library access so you can borrow books, reserve material and to book study rooms. A library number is printed on the front of the card as a nine-digit number and as a barcode.
  • Photocopies: You can do photocopying with your Campus Card. After loading money on your card through a cash manager machine (click here for cash manager locations), you insert your card into the card reader on the photocopier and the amount is deducted from your card.
  • Printing: There are various laser printers located throughout the campus that are equipped with readers that accept the Campus Card.
  • Electronic door access: There are several buildings located on the St. John's campus that require the card for electronic door access. Access is granted by using the magnetic stripe or proximity technology of the card.
  • Food purchases: You can use your campus card to purchase food and beverages at Treats in the University Centre food court.
  • Exam ID (Online courses): All students taking a distance education course will be required to present both their Memorial Campus Card and a piece of government issued photo identification to invigilators prior to writing tests and examinations.



To get a campus card, please request your card online. Cards requested online will be mailed to you. If you will be living on campus this fall your campus card will be added to your check-in package and not mailed to you. To start your request for a campus card, please follow the instructions indicted through the "Get Your Campus Card" link on the left hand side of this page.

A piece of government issued ID (passport, driver's license, military ID) is required for card pick-up.