Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! We realize that the writing process involves many steps. We can help

  • writers who are having trouble getting started by asking them questions that assist them in formulating and organizing their ideas.
  • students in the midst of their writing by being attentive listeners and readers, encouraging them where necessary to sharpen their focus and to more fully explore and develop their ideas.
  • writers of completed drafts to develop their self-evaluation and proofreading skills.

We are a learning centre, so our tutors will not proofread for you.  However, they can teach you strategies so you can confidently proofread your own work.  Proofreading is a transferable skill that you can apply to any of your written assignments.

Absolutely. It is helpful to remember that the Writing Centre is not, in its essence, a remedial facility - a place for "bad" writers. While it does help students in need of remediation, it also helps students who write quite well but who recognize that improvement is both possible and desirable. All writers can benefit from a trained, objective second reader, and the Writing Centre offers Memorial University students just that!

If you need help with a group paper, please let us know in advance by emailing, as we will require written permission from all the authors involved.