Faculty and Instructor Resources

The Writing Centre's resources keep faculty and instructors briefed on academic writing which in turn supports students. By equipping instructors with the necessary tools and knowledge, a more effective learning environment is created as well as strong academic writing skills.

Here are a few ways in which both the Writing Centre and Memorial resources can benefit faculty and staff:

To support specific writing tasks, access our resource page to use our handouts, interactive activities, and/or video tutorials during your classes.

If you have any topic suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at writing@mun.ca 

Academic writing conventions and expectations can evolve over time. Check out the following resources discussing academic communication and writing. Such knowledge can be passed on to students.


Academic Integrity

Student Writing

Student Reading

At Memorial University, the student community is enriched by a diverse population from various countries, where English may or may not be their first language. This multicultural environment offers a unique opportunity for cross-cultural learning and exchange. However, students from non-English speaking backgrounds may encounter challenges with not only language proficiency but also academic writing conventions. Navigating the intricacies of scholarly writing, such as proper citation styles, academic tone, and structuring arguments, can be daunting. The Writing Centre at Memorial University serves as a crucial resource for these students, providing tailored assistance and support to help them refine their writing skills and adapt to academic expectations.

The following resources can provide faculty and staff with strategies for supporting students who may require additional guidance or have specific writing-related needs. This inclusivity helps foster an equitable learning environment.

Working with Multilingual Students in the Classroom


All the Englishes used here by Yaseen Ali (University Affairs - June 22, 2023)


The Learning Technology Coach podcast is produced by the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) at Memorial University. Learning Technology Coaches are current graduate students at Memorial who use their research and teaching experience to support faculty across the institution by investigating and proposing learning technologies to address instructional problems.  The Podcast was initiated by the coaches as a way to broaden their understanding of how pedagogy and technology collide to create meaningful teaching and learning experiences.   The series features the voices of academics, students, and champions as they discuss current topics influencing higher education.