Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I come for help at any stage of the writing process?

A. Yes! We realize that the writing process involves many steps. We can help

  • writers who are having trouble getting started by asking them questions that assist them in formulating and organizing their ideas.
  • students in the midst of their writing by being attentive listeners and readers, encouraging them where necessary to sharpen their focus and to more fully explore and develop their ideas.
  • writers of completed drafts to develop their self-evaluation and proofreading skills.

Q. What services does the Writing Centre offer for faculty?

A. We offer the following services for Memorial faculty:

  • In-class introductions to the Writing Centre
  • In-class workshops on writing topics identified by instructors
  • Reference materials and resources on writing
  • Grammar and composition workshops (We welcome suggestions for workshop topics!)

Q.Can all students benefit from the Writing Centre’s services?

A. Absolutely. It is helpful to remember that the Writing Centre is not, in its essence, a remedial facility - a place for "bad" writers. While it does help students in need of remediation, it also helps students who write quite well but who recognize that improvement is both possible and desirable. All writers can benefit from a trained, objective second reader, and the Writing Centre offers Memorial University students just that!

Q.I need a lot of help with my paper. Can I make more than one appointment?

A. You can only make one appointment at a time, but you can schedule a follow-up appointment at the end of your tutorial session. As always, tutorial sessions can last up to 45 minutes.

Q.If I don’t have an appointment, will I still be able to work with a tutor?

A. If a tutor is free and you drop by, the tutor will work with you, but only if doing so does not interrupt the appointment schedule. Otherwise, we can try to schedule an appointment for you.

Q. Can I bring a group paper to the Writing Centre?

A. Yes! However, we we will only be able to work with you on the portions of the text that you have written. If the other authors want to work on their sections, they must make their own appointments at the Writing Centre.


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