Collective bargaining update: June 9, 2022

Memorial University and MUNFA met to continue negotiations on June 8. The University amended its proposal with respect to encouraging academic staff members  (ASMs) to maintain a connection to the respective campuses. We expressed concern to MUNFA regarding a limited number of ASMs who have moved out of the province, often without advising the academic unit, and are reluctant to return to deliver courses on campus. This scenario creates additional service demands on those in the unit who are on campus. 

Our revised proposal is based on ASMs being on campus when it is necessary for the performance of scheduled teaching duties, the guidance of students whose research they supervise, office hours and to assume a fair share of academic service activities.

Additionally the University submitted language to provide academic units the discretion to designate positions as equity-deserving ASM positions. This would involve a targeted search, requiring approval from the Provincial Human Rights Commission.

MUNFA submitted the balance of their monetary proposals during our session on May 13. We did not submit a response given the number of non-monetary issues that remain unresolved.

Additional dates will be scheduled to continue negotiations.