Collective bargaining update: April 20, 2022

Collective bargaining update: April 20, 2022

The parties completed two consecutive days of negotiations yesterday.  We are pleased to report that there was progress on two significant issues. 

The first item involved including language that recognizes Indigenous knowledge and Indigenous ways of knowing in the Promotion and Tenure process. In addition, the parties have agreed that upon the request of the faculty member, potential referees may include Indigenous Elders and or Traditional Knowledge Carriers/Keepers.  

The second item was Employment Equity.  The University provided MUNFA with updated language, modifying the language contained in Article 30. The updates were  positively received by MUNFA.  Agreement was reached to include anti-racism when referencing equity, diversity and inclusion.  As well, the concept of equity-deserving groups was introduced into the language.  Additional work is required to finalize the changes; however, we are pleased with the progress on both of these issues. 

The parties are reducing the list of Articles unresolved. 

The Association previously tabled proposals to create awareness among academic staff members (ASMs) that the University has a legal obligation to accommodate ASMs returning from sick leave or Long Term Disability (LTD). There is no doubt that the University is bound by legislation.  We continue to reiterate that the University is firmly committed to assisting ASMs returning to the workplace as quickly as possible, guided by the medical advice provided to the ASM.  Placing language in the collective agreement which indicates that the University will follow its legislative obligation is arguably not helpful to an ASM returning to the workplace.  The most relevant information for the ASM is who they contact and how we can work with them to assist getting back to the workplace in a manner that is consistent with their treatment plan, which is not contained in the collective agreement.


The next negotiation session takes place May 12- 13.