Collective bargaining update: April 14, 2022

Collective bargaining update

During Memorial’s last meetings with MUNFA on March 29-30, we reached agreement that an application for early tenure will be assessed on its merits; whereas, the current agreement provides an assessment based on superior performance for early tenure. As well, there will only be one application for tenure, and, if unsuccessful, the candidate will be offered a one-year terminal appointment.

The University responded to proposed language regarding Indigenous ASMs Promotion and Tenure assessments.  Memorial’s proposal included options for non-academics to participate as referees.

We maintain our proposal that ASMs should reside in the province, not solely for the semesters when they are actively engaged in on-campus teaching. MUNFA does not share our view and suggests that we have the tools to discipline ASMs who are “not doing their jobs.” This should not be about discipline, rather expectations that students benefit from having in-person access to their instructors/supervisors throughout the year rather than only the semester the instructors are in the province. 

The parties have reached agreement to make Maternity and Parental Leave language more inclusive.

The Association had indicated that it does not agree with changing the title University Librarian to Dean of Libraries on the grounds they filed a grievance regarding the title change.

On a number of issues the University indicated it was not prepared to place language the collective agreement on the basis that the matters are more appropriately addressed as policy items. This may be incorrectly interpreted as a lack of engagement. For example, the University is a signatory to the Climate Crisis Pledge; however, we do not agree with placing language in the collective agreement prescribing the number of car charging stations on campus.  Similarly, MUNFA has requested that the University provide an annual report listing of all ASMs in receipt of market differential. We have rejected this proposal. 

On numerous occasions, the parties have discussed the Association’s proposal to include a definition of collegial governance.  We have rejected the proposal and outlined that the current processes including peer review for the promotion and tenure cycles; search committees’ roles hiring new faculty, curriculum development and Senate demonstrate transparency, and openness, on matters affecting the university community.   

The next negotiation session takes place April 18-19, 2022.