Green Tips for after the Holidays

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  • Use your real Christmas tree as a shelter for birds in your yard. Then in the spring, you can also use the tree as mulch or wood chips.
  • Save the foam and packaging from Christmas gifts to use later for shipping or mailing.
  • Compost everything possible. Live decorations such as cones and berries are compostable.
  • Give old or unwanted Christmas gifts to charity.
  • Keep Christmas cards to cut up and use as gift tags next year or cut them in half, write a message on the back of the picture and send as a Christmas postcard.
  • Keep gift bags and wrapping paper for wrapping gifts next year. Unwrap presents carefully and neatly fold the paper to store until next Christmas. Most wrapping paper is not recyclable, so it will all end up in the garbage if you don't reuse it.
  • Return wine bottles and glass liquor bottles to a Green Depot for recycling. Glass bottles are not recyclable through the curbside recycling program in the St. John's area.
  • Start talking now about what you could do differently next Christmas such as donating to charities or giving gift certificates or vouchers for your time (eg. babysitting) instead of buying gifts.

Green Quote:
"A holiday gives one a chance to look backward and forward; to reset oneself by an inner compass".
- May Sarton



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