Recycling Guide for the blue recycling units

Slot marked 'PAPER'

What goes in....

- copy/computer paper, newspaper, flyers, phone books, envelopes, magazines, catalogues, coffee cup trays

What stays out...

- paper plates, napkins, paper coffee cups, food wrapping



What goes in...

- beverage containers (that have a deposit on them) – drink cans, soft drink or juice bottles, tetra paks - bottle caps MUST be removed

What stays out...

- Booster Juice and other paper or Styrofoam drink cups, coffee cups, milk containers, yogurt containers, glass jars, beer bottles


 Slot marked 'GARBAGE'

What goes in...

- food wrapping, straws, napkins, bottle caps, Styrofoam food containers, coffee cups, milk containers, organics, plastic bags and wrap

What stays out...

- beverage containers (that have a deposit on them) that are accepted in the slot marked 'BEVERAGE CONTAINERS', paper that is accepted in the slot marked 'PAPER'



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