Health Services

The Student Wellness & Counselling Centre offers non-urgent physical and mental health care to Memorial University (including affiliates) students and their spouses and children.

Services offered:

  • Allergy shots
  • Assessments for common medical problems (e.g. respiratory illness, urinary tract infection, back and muscle pain, headache, stomach issues, etc)
  • Immunizations and TB skin testing
  • Medical certificates
  • Mental health assessments
  • Pap tests
  • Physicals
  • Reproductive/Sexual health issues (e.g. birth control counseling and prescription, pregnancy etc).
  • Testing for sexually transmitted infections (STI)
  • Sports Medicine
  • Injury and wound care
  • IUD Insertions
  • Mole/Toenail Removals
  • Cryotherapy (wart removal)
  • Pre-natal/newborn care

An appointment is appropriate for one issue, there will be time for one issue only to ensure shorter wait times. If you have other issues, you will need to book another appointment. You can discuss with the doctor which issue is more urgent. We require an in-office visit for medication renewals, so please call well in advance of running out of your medication.

Often a cold, sore throat or minor injury may occur overnight. There are a limited number of same day appointments available for these purposes. If you wish to schedule an appointment for an acute problem such as these it is best to call early in the day, as these appointments go quickly.

Cancellation Policy

Patients who make appointments, but do not cancel them with sufficient notice or arrive late, take away the opportunity for other patients to access services. As well, it results in a loss of income to the clinic and physicians. Appointments can be cancelled by e-mailing

Appointments must be cancelled by 7 a.m. on the day of the appointment. Failure to provide sufficient notice or when a patient arrives too late for the physician to provide an appropriate assessment will result in a charge to the patient. Fees for the missed appointment will be $30.
Fees are applied to the student account and may result in transcripts and/or registration being withheld pending payment. Any questions about missed appointment charges should contact the Student Wellness & Counselling Centre.

Health Insurance

You will be asked to present your MCP or provincial health card at every visit, if you do not have your card with you or it is no longer valid you may be required to pay for the visit. Most visits to the Medical Centre are covered by your provincial health insurance plan, MCP or equivalent - BC care card, OHIB card etc. The Medical Centre also accepts Student Guard Insurance (Guard Me). If you are not covered by one of these insurance plans, you will be required to pay for the medical visit. ($40)

Some services such as massage therapy, are not covered under your provincial health care plan. These services, which also include prescriptions, may be covered under the Green Shield insurance or your parent's extended health care benefits plan. If you have any questions regarding the student health care plan, please contact MUNSU, 2nd floor University Center.

Medical Certificates (Sick Notes)

Often students will be asked by their instructors to obtain a medical certificate for mid-term and final exams. These forms can be completed by one of the physicians at the Student Wellness & Counselling Centre. An appointment must be made to have this form completed. Please specify that you require a medical certificate when you are scheduling your appointment. The medical certificate can also be completed by your family doctor or a physician at a walk-in-clinic. Medical certificates are not covered by your provincial health care plan or insurance, a $10 fee will apply.

Medical Records

Your medical file is kept separate from all other University and academic files. Information about you cannot be released to anyone without your written consent, except when required by law.

We are required by law to keep each medical file for ten years. If you have graduated or are no longer a current patient, your file will be transferred to our archives.

If you wish to have your file transferred to another clinic or physician, written authorization is required. You will need to sign a "Medical Release of Information Form" which grants us permission to release your medical file (or any part thereof) to another practitioner. This release of information form can be mailed or faxed to us, alternatively you can drop by the Medical Centre to complete a form. Please be advised that there is a charge for transfer of medical records


There are a number of medical services provided by physicians that are not covered by provincial health insurance plans and requires a service fee be charged to the patient.
For a list of potential charges please see the cost chart under Frequently Asked Questions.

Test Results

If you are required to have medical tests done (eg: bloodwork, x-ray, etc.) please book an appointment to review your results. Results will not be given over the phone or e-mail. Please do not assume your results are normal if you don’t hear from us.

See below for when you could expect your results to be back.

Type of test  Approximate turnaround time
STI Testing 1 Week
ECG 1-2 Weeks
General Blood 1 Week
PAP 3 Weeks
Throat Culture 1 Week
Urine Culture 1 week
Vaginal Culture (yeast, BV) 1 week
X-Ray/Ultrasound 7-10 days
Sleep Studies 7-10 days
MRI/CT Scan 7-10 days