Sacre Coeur July 2016

RELS 3058 students on a site visit to Sacré Coeur in Paris (July 2016; photo credit: Emmy Cauz)


Courses taught

RELS 1000 - The Religions of the World

RELS 2340 - Islam

ANTH/SOC/RELS 2350 - Religious Institutions

RELS 2800 - Gender and Sexualities in Western Religions

ANTH/RELS 3053 - Anthropology of Religion

RELS 3058 - Topics in Religion and Politics: The French Case

LWPP/POSC/RELS 3385 - Religion and the Law in Canada

RELS 3800 - Re/presentations of Muslim Women: Gender, Colonialism, Islam

RELS 3810 - Intepretations of Religion

RELS 6100 - Method and Theory in Religious Studies

RELS 6110 - The Thesis

RELS 6130 - Religious Contexts: Configurations of Secularism


  • I am recruiting a graduate student with funding for September 2019. Please see details here
  • Consider attending this field school to study in France in August 2020! We had an incredible trip traveling around France in July 2016 (see here for more photos). Applications will become available in September 2019.