My research considers contemporary secularism’s contradictions and contingencies through Canadian and French lenses, with particular attention to its relationships to postcoloniality, Islam, gender and the body.

The core argument of my work is that articulations of the secular in contemporary France and Canada relate to the regulation of religion, and index desirable sexualities, whiteness and the post-colonial nation state. My primary methodological approach – ethnography – sheds light on the voices of those often silenced within these matrixes.

Presently, I'm working on these projects:

  • Secular Migration and Transnationalism: I direct the SSHRC-funded Secularism on the Move / Laïcité en mouvement project, which examines secular transnationalism in the Francophone world. With Amélie Barras (York University), I have conducted interviews with French immigrants (brochure link here), and we are currently interviewing Francophone immigrants and directors of Lycées français.
  • The Secular Body: This SSHRC Insight grant-sponsored transnational project (in Montréal, Algeria and in a Parisian suburb) examines Islam, marriage migration and interventions of the state and how they reflect 'secular sensibilities' with attention to sexuality. Drawing on fieldwork from 2011-2019 and 187 interviews, I recently completed a monograph on this work, Secular Sensibilities (Forthcoming, UNC Press).
  • Introducing New Ways of Thinking about Religion and Difference in Canada: Beyond Accommodation: Everyday Narratives of Muslim Canadians (2018, UBC Press), interpolates secularism and the Muslim experience in Canada. With co-authors Barras and Beaman, we critique the prevalent ‘reasonable accommodation’ approach to religion in Canada, drawing on qualitative interviews conducted with 90 self-defined Muslims in Montreal and St. John’s, Canada. In contrast to much of the contemporary research on Muslims in minority contexts, our research theorizes moments in which religiosity is worked out.
  • How Muslim life is imagined alongside the secular in the North Atlantic world: Much of my early work problematizes the French nation state's increasingly narrow post-1989 social-secular-sexual regime within the lives of women of Maghrebian origin living in a French suburban housing project. Methodologically, I have also considered this line of thinking through discourse analysis of contemporary governmental, legal and political interventions.

In addition, I am co-investigator on the SSHRC-funded, “Voix de la colère et de l’espoir: Stratégies narratives numériques et ethnographiques de gestion de la colère et de l’espoir par les jeunes musulmanes et musulmans au Canada, en Europe et au Maghreb” [Voices of Anger and Hope: Digital and Ethnographic Narrative Strategies for Managing Anger and Hope among Muslim Youth in Canada, Europe and the Maghreb] (PI Abdelwahed Mekki-Berrada, U Laval). 

I am currently active with a public engagement project, Addressing Islamophobia in NL (for more on the project, see here) and serve on the Anti-Racism Coalition of NL.

Lastly, I began a SSHRC-funded public engagement project with the Muslim Association of Newfoundland and Labrador and QEII Library's Archives and Special Collections to create a Muslim Narratives and Lives in NL Archive. This project is linked to a larger national project on which I am co-investigator, the Muslims in Canada Archive (MiCA; PI Anver Emon, U Toronto).

Refereed Publications


Forthcoming. Secular Sensibilities: Algerian Marriage and Migration to France and Québec (Where Religion Lives series, University of North Carolina Press).

Under contract. Muslim Narratives and Lives in Newfoundland and Labrador (edited volume).

2021. Producing Islam(s) in Canada: On Knowledge, Positionality and Politics. (edited with Amélie Barras and Melanie Adrian). Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 

2018. Beyond Accommodation: Everyday Narratives of Muslim Canadians(with Amélie Barras and Lori G. Beaman). Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.

2012. Questioning French Secularism: Gender Politics and Islam in a Parisian Suburb. The Contemporary Anthropology of Religion Series. New York: Palgrave Macmillan Press (Paperback version, 2016; Arabic translation, 2019; Turkish translation forthcoming).

2012. Debating Sharia: Islam, Gender Politics and Family Law Arbitration, co-edited with Anna C. Korteweg. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Read a short overview here.

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Edited Journals

2024. Festschrift for Ellen Badone: She Listened, We Listened. First editor with Paul Bramadat. April,

2021. “Celebrating 50 Years of the Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion.” Studies in Religion/Sciences religieuses. Second editor with Lori G. Beaman and Lauren Strumos. 50:3 (September)

2020. "Open Secularism from the Margins", co-edited with Carlos Colorado. Social Compass (April): 1-15.

2016. "Re/posing the 'Muslim Question', co-edited with Lori G. Beaman. Critical Research on Religion 4:1 (April): 8-20.

Select Articles & Book Chapters (2014-2024)

Forthcoming. “Quebecois Laïcité and its Canadian Multicultural Other in the Debates Surrounding Law 21” (third author, with Saaz Taher and Amélie Barras) for the Canadian Journal of Law and Society, 33 pgs.

Forthcoming. “La religiosité polarisée au Québec : Le cas des femmes d’origine Algérienne à Montréal” (first author, with Kawtare Bihya) for L’islam vécu au Québec. Eds. G. Mossière and R. Marcotte. Presses de l’Université du Québec (33 pgs).

2023. “Religious authorities in the digital age: The case of Muslims in Canada” (first author, with Rehan Sayeed) for Contemporary Islam 17: 467-488,

2023. “Wait, what? Islamophobia exists in Newfoundland and Labrador?”: Theorizing the Polite Dismissal of Anti-Islamophobia Public Engagement” (equal co-authors, with Sobia Shaikh) for Islamophobia as a Form of Radicalisation: Perspectives on Media, Academia and Socio-political Scapes from Europe and Canada. Eds. A. Mekki-Berrada and L. d’Haenens, Brill, 211-228.

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2021. “Who are Muslims in Canada? Analysis of the Qualitative Literature 1997-2017,” (first author with A. Barras and L.G. Beaman) for Producing Islam(s) in Canada. Eds. Amélie Barras, Jennifer Selby, and Melanie Adrian, 91-119.

2021. “Introduction: Producing Islam(s) and Muslims in Canada” (first author with A. Barras and M. Adrian) for Producing Islam(s) in Canada. Eds. Amélie Barras, Jennifer Selby, and Melanie Adrian, 3-26.

2020. “L’angle mort de la « laïcité ouverte » : Les processus de navigation et négociations dans le vécu religieux au Canada.” (first author, with A. Barras and L.G. Beaman). Social Compass. April. 1-15.

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Select Non-refereed Contributions (2014-2021)

2021. “Forging New Futures for the Study of Religion in Canada: A Review of Aaron Hughes’s From Seminary to University.” For Studies in Religion/Sciences religieuses. Online First. (September) 1-4.

2021. “The Gentle Provincial Government Squeeze Out of Anti-Islamophobia Work in Newfoundland and Labrador” (with Sobia Shaikh). For Reading Muslims (University of Toronto).  

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2019. “Op Ed: Can Faculty at Memorial Create Meaningful Social Change in NL? Should They?” September 23, 2019, The Gazette.

2019. “Op Ed: Bill 21 Is a Setback for Women’s Rights” (with Natasha Bakht), April 10, 2019, Montreal Gazette.

2019. Review of Al Rashid Mosque: Building Canadian Muslim Communities (Edmonton: University of Alberta Press) for Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses 48:4 (December): 690-692.

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2018. ‘Producing Islam(s) in Canada’ Student Podcasts,” (with M. Adrian and A. Barras) Digital Projects in the Classroom on The Immanent Frame, April 18. 

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2014. Review of The Republic and the Riots: Exploring Urban Violence in French Suburbs, 2005- 2007 (Oxford: Peter Lang). Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews. 43:1 (January): 107-108. 

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