About Us

Religious Studies at Memorial University provides students with the opportunity to learn about the religious dimensions of historical and contemporary cultures. You need not be religious to study religion; we use the same kinds of methods found in other fields, such as anthropology, history, and philosophy. The Department offers courses in a variety of areas, including survey and advanced courses in the world's religious traditions, and the interaction of religion with other domains, such as politics, popular culture, and ecology. The Religious Studies major advances intercultural competence, historical knowledge and high-level thinking skills.

Key Contact Info

Department Head: 
Dr. Barry Stephenson, bstephenson@mun.ca

Undergraduate Program Director: 
Dr. Michelle Rebidoux, mrebidoux@mun.ca

Graduate Coordinator:
Dr. Jennifer Selby, jselby@mun.ca

Administrative Assistant:
Mrs. Annette Sullivan, acarter@mun.ca