Evaluating Public Engagement at Memorial

Understanding the impact of public engagement at Memorial is a crucial element of the Office of Public Engagement (OPE)'s role.

As stewards of the Public Engagement Framework, OPE undertakes regular monitoring and evaluation processes. These activities help us develop programming and opportunities that respond to the actual public engagement needs of Memorial, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and public partners.  

Evaluation of the Public Engagement Framework (2012-2020)

Currently, OPE is undertaking a comprehensive review of the impacts of the Public Engagement Framework, at Memorial and within Newfoundland and Labrador, since it was adopted in 2012. 

The evaluation plan was developed by OPE and an external evaluation professional (view the plan here.) The Expert Working Group on Public Engagement and the Public Engagement Framework Evaluation Committee have both participated in the planning and execution of the evaluation. Both committees include student, faculty, staff, and public partner representation.

Elements of the plan include surveying (staff, faculty, public partners, and others,) key informant interviews, focus groups, and synthesis of existing MUN documentation. 

Once the evaluation plan is completed, OPE will develop and disseminate a report on the findings. Along with assessing the current state of public engagement at Memorial and providing accountability, the findings will be reflected in the development of future strategies and programming to support public engagement at Memorial.

The evaluation process is expected to take about 9 months, concluding in the Spring of 2022.