Public Engagement Framework Renewal Process


Memorial University is making a plan to guide how we work with the public on research, teaching and learning, and public engagement projects. This plan will build on the initial Public Engagement Framework which reached the end of its first phase in 2020. 

The new strategy will continue the work of the Framework, offering a vision, values, and definition for public engagement at Memorial, along with goals and objectives to help guide the university's collaborations with the public related to research, teaching and learning, and public engagement projects. The new strategy will also address barriers that were identified as part of OPE's evaluation of the Framework, and integrate emerging opportunities and other Memorial guiding documents (including Transforming Our Horizons, Memorial's Strategic Plan.).  

Of course, a strategy focused on public partnerships and collaboration needs to be shaped in an engaged way! During the Fall of 2023, the Office of Public Engagement conducted a broad dialogue process, asking members of the Memorial community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the public, to share their perspectives, concerns, and ideas about how Memorial interacts with the public in relation to research, teaching and learning, and public engagement. 

Fall 2023 Public Engagement Framework Renewals Process (currently under development)

Separate dialogue sessions were also held for members of the public, Memorial alumni, and Memorial public partners during the Fall of 2023. 

Further community feedback was also collected via:

  • 1-on-1 conversations with public groups and organizations (groups and organizations have been identified through conversations with Memorial deans and directors, and will also be invited to participate through an open call.)
  • Thematic meetings (These meetings will focus on key areas emerging through the evaluation and consultations processes, and will include direct invitations to relevant groups, along with open invitations.)
  • Online input Members of the public, as well as Memorial Students, Faculty, and Staff were invited to share thier input through an online form. 

OPE will issue a preliminary draft of the new Public Engagement Framwork in the spring of 2024.

Details about all of the opportunities to share will be posted on this website as they are available. If you have specific questions, please email us directly at

Steering Committee

The strategy development process is being conducted in partnership between OPE and a Steering Committee that includes an equal number of invididuals from within Memorial and the public. The members are located all across the province (and beyond) and all bring a wealth of experience in public engagement to the process.

Our Steering Committee members are:

  • Ashlee Cunsolo, Vice Provost and Dean, School of Arctic and Sub-Arctic Studies, Labrador Campus
  • Mirella de Oliveira Leis, MUN Alumna (M.Sc. Geography ’16)
  • Nat Hurley, Dean, HSS, Memorial University
  • Jillian Kavanagh, Manager, Office of the President, Marine Institute
  • Maisam Najafizada, Faculty Lead, Global Health and Health Equity, Division of Community Health and Humanities, School of Medicine
  • Stanley Oliver, Manager of Indigenous Relations & Trades NL: Indigenous Skilled Trades Office, Trades NL
  • Kristen Pittman, Manager, Indigenous Affairs, Grenfell Campus
  • Theresa Pittman, AVP Connected Learning, CNA
  • Peter Ride, Dean, School of Fine Arts, Grenfell Campus
  • Josh Smee, CEO, Food First NL