Engage Memorial Webinar Series

Engage Memorial is a series of events that showcases publicly engaged projects, shares best practises in public engagement, and dives deep into key conversations related to public engagement at Memorial University.

In the past, we tended to get together for these events, but since COVID-19 changed the way that we do business, we've developed a series of webinars that maintain the spirit of Engage Memorial, but meet social distancing guidelines. We've found that this format allows greater accessibility, including more viewers from rural and remote areas of our province, and allowing for closed captioning to allow even better access. We're sticking with this format for now, but will continue to evaluate and assess what will work best as we move through this complicated time.

Upcoming sessions:

How Public Engagement Makes Research Better: A Research Week Engage Memorial Panel

Past sessions, including videos:

Relationships, Reciprocity and Relevance: Building Healthy Community-University Partnerships

In the Spotlight: A Conversation about Being a Public Academic

Building towards the future of collaboration between Rural Newfoundland & Labrador and Memorial University

Remote Possibilities: University-Community Engagement During a Time of Distance Webinar