The Tandem

It is an image of a bicycle with 2 seats, with a poster saying The Tandem issue 4. Red background with cannabis leaves over top A blue colored poster with just saying, "Just Ask" A basket of potatoes, with a poster saying Taking Root. Different hands reach out to each other over a taupe background. A globe covered in shadows. A Grenfell Campus building lit by the evening sun with reflections dancing on glass panels. Small pieces with the silhouette of a person are connected by white string. An image showing only back side of a bicycle.

Welcome to Issue 4 of the Tandem, Memorial's public engagement education and training e-newsletter!

We’ve gathered some of our university’s many public engagement superstars, along with their experienced and valued public partners, to offer lessons (including toolkits, interviews, and videos,) discuss strategies, and chat about what goes into successful collaboration between universities and the publics they serve. They shared their knowledge, and, now, we’re happy to share it with you.

We'll publish again this fall and we'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch with ideas, story suggestions, or anything else you think we should know at

The Office of Public Engagement Team

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