How to Strengthen Your Application

The Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative Program) at Memorial is competitive.

Interested applicants should strive to:

1. Achieve a strong admission average for nursing

2. Perform well on the CASPer test

3. Select references that can speak well to their academic and non-academic abilities

4. Prepare an informative personal statement 

5. Ensure that you have read and understood the admission requirements for either the 4-Year Option or the Accelerated Option, as applicable.

Benefits of Completing the Non-Nursing Courses:

Applicants who are planning to apply to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative)  can complete the non-nursing courses prior to application/admission. If the required biology, chemistry and math courses need to be completed, they can be completed along with some of the non-nursing courses.

Having these non-nursing courses completed will not increase admission chances to the program or shorten the time in the Program if admitted, however it will lighten the semester course load for students who are admitted to the BN Program.

The non-nursing courses fall within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Some applicants work towards a Bachelor of Arts degree while also preparing to apply to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program. For more information on creating a Plan B, like working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree, you can speak with an Academic Advisor in the Academic Advising Centre.

Note: The non-nursing courses are not required for admission, EXCEPT FOR the Accelerated Option, where 12 credit hours from the list below must be completed by the end of the Winter semester in the year that you are applying. 

Non-Nursing Courses:

  • Six credit hours in a Critical Reading and Writing (CRW) designated courses in English
  • Three credit hours in Sociology, Anthropology or Archaeology

  • Psychology 1000, or equivalent

  • Biochemistry 1430, or equivalent

  • Biology 3053 (Microbiology), or equivalent

  • Statistics 2500, (or Statistics 1510, 2550, Education 2900, Psychology 2910, or 2925) or a statistics course acceptable to the faculty

  • Three credit hours in Philosophy, or Religious Studies 2610

  • 3 credit hours chosen from any academic unit (Note: for Accelerated Option applicants, these 3 credit hours will be credited toward the BN degree for successful applicants, but are not part of the 12 credit hours required for admission).  

To be Competitive for Admission:

To be competitive for admission to the 4-Year Option, applicants should have a 70% average and higher from either their 4-5 Fall courses OR their cumulative Memorial University average. To be competitive for the accelerated option, a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale as either a cumulative GPA, degree GPA, or in the last 60 credit hours is required for admission.


If you have specific questions regarding how to strengthen your application, please contact for advice. 


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