CBME Mini Innovations

The more observations the more success. You have to swing the bat many times before you hit the ball. Don’t just plan successful observations, plan to do many observations that will eventually lead to success. 

For Foundations EPA 4B “Discharge Plan Communication” the required assessment is through indirect feedback obtained from patient and family.  I think direct observation of this patient communication encounter is needed to get the best assessment of the resident’s skill in the EPA.  I would ask the resident to review the discharge information with the patient and family during ward rounds so that I can observe the interaction.  The patient and family feedback may become apparent in the interaction that is observed, or I could seek it out after rounds are done. 

I sometimes find it hard to verbalize my feedback because I am concerned the learner will be uncomfortable.  I find it helps to have some standard vocabulary in my head to help frame the feedback.  I like the Queens “five fabulous phrases”  - Next time…   Try…    Consider… Because… Suggest…  Ensures you transition your feedback from a simple description of the learners performance into an action plan! 

Transition to Discipline EPA 3: Performing the basic procedures of IM – if residents are looking for opportunities for Sterile Field, Dr. Jones has a Bone Marrow Clinic on Wednesday mornings and has offered to assess residents.  Just text or email him in advance to arrange.