Current Residents

Nick Snow - PGY3
Nick Snow - PGY3

Medical School: Memorial University
Hometown: Mount Pearl, NL
Interest within Neurology: Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Neurorehabilitation
Interests Outside Medicine: Hiking, running, cycling, climbing, reading
Favourite Neuron: Astrocytes -- they're out of this world!

Jake Levy – PGY4
Jake Levy – PGY4

Medical School: McGill University
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Interest(s) within Neurology: Right now I'm particularly interested in dementia, movement disorders, neuro-ophthalmology, headaches, pain, and palliative care - but I like every area of Neurology!
Interests outside of medicine: music, travelling, trying new foods, running, chess
Favourite neuron or neurotransmitter: It's hard to pick just one! Off the top of my head: I love the concept of the "Jennifer Aniston neuron", place cells and grid cells absolutely blow my mind, and I find cerebellar granule cells to be fascinating.

Falen Fernandes – PGY5
Falen Fernandes – PGY5

Medical School: University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Interest(s) within Neurology: Vascular Neurology
Interests outside of Medicine: Playing my violin and guitar, traveling and spending time with family and friends. 
Favorite neuron or neurotransmitter: Dopamine —it makes me happy

Shane Arsenault – PGY5
Shane Arsenault – PGY5

Medical School: Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland 
Hometown: St. John’s, Newfoundland 
Interest(s) within Neurology: Multiple Sclerosis and Movement Disorders 
Interests outside of Medicine: hiking, travelling (when we can travel again), physical fitness and wellness, and reading (avid reader) 
Favourite neuron or neurotransmitter: serotonin (because of its potential to make you feel great)!