Training Locations

Health Sciences Centre

The Health Sciences Centre is the main “base” for the Neurology service. Code Strokes are directed to HSC, and neurology inpatients are admitted to HSC under a staff neurologist. There are a total of 14 protected stroke beds and 16 general neurology beds. A separate Neurology Consult team does neurology consultations on patients admitted under other services. HSC houses the EMG/NCS lab, an EEG lab, and Neurology Clinics. There is also a secure, dedicated lounge for Neurology residents at HSC.

St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital

Neurology residents may rotate through SCM for inpatient neurology consultations and off-service medicine rotations. SCM also has its own EEG and sleep study lab. The Vascular Surgery division is based at SCM, so many patients will be transferred to SCM for interventions such as carotid endarterectomy.

Leonard A. Miller Centre

This building is home to some subspecialty and general neurology clinics, the inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs, the palliative care unit, some neurology clinics, and a variety of other services. Neurology residents will only rotate through this hospital for neurology clinics, geriatric psychiatry clinics, palliative care, and the rare neurology consultation on inpatients admitted to the rehabilitation service.

Waterford Hospital

The Waterford Hospital has been the main site of inpatient psychiatry, psychiatry emergency room, and other psychiatric services for several years. Neurology residents may only see the odd consult here. Furthermore, a new mental health and addictions facility is under construction adjacent to HSC and will ultimate replace WH (expected opening by 2024).

Community Neurology (Saint John, New Brunswick)

This is primarily an outpatient rotation completed with our Neurology colleagues at the Saint John Regional Hospital. In addition to outpatient clinics, residents may assist with inpatient consultations and Code Strokes.

EEG (Toronto or McGill)

To gain further exposure to electroencephalography and epilepsy monitoring units (EMU), residents complete a rotation at McGill or the University of Toronto.

Physiatry (Out of Province)

This rotation is completed out of province to ensure a broad exposure to the specialty and how physical medicine and rehabilitation are essential to the care of patients with neurological disorders. Selected institutions are available.