Program Organization

The Residency Program Committee (RPC) assists the Program Director in the planning, organization, and evaluation of the Residency Program. The Committee will include representation from each participating site, each major component of the Program and will include resident representation. 

The RPC consists of: 

Voting Members

Dr. Ian MacPherson - Program Director 
Dr. Christine Orr - Assistant Program Director
Dr. Joanne Hickey - Chair, Accreditation Continuous Improvement Committee
Dr. James Quinlan - Chair, Promotions Committee/Competency Committee
Dr. Cathy Murray - Chair, Medical Education Committee
Dr. Claire Skanes  -  Chief Resident
Dr. Julia Pennell - Chief Resident 
Dr. Joanna Joyce - Member-At-Large

Non-voting Members

Dr. Natalie Bandrauk - SIM Representative
Dr. Dayna Butler - SCMH Representative
Dr. Paul Boland - Cardiology Representative
Dr. Peter Daley - Research Lead/Critical Appraisal/Quality
Dr. Richard Lush - Community Medicine Representative - Grand Falls - Windsor site
Dr. David Carroll - Community Medicine Representative - Gander site
Dr. Joshua Gould - Community Medicine Respresentative - Corner Brook site
Dr. Evan Wee - Community Medicine Representative - Clarenville site
Dr. Michael Davis - Wellness Committee Liaison
Dr. Hao Wang  - Teaching Resident
Dr. Jenna Kennelly - Teaching Resident
Dr. Jessica Guy - PGY3 Representative
Dr. Claire Skanes - PGY2 Representative
Dr. Jenna Kennelly - PGY1 Representative
Dr. Lauren Winsor - QI Resident Representative


Dr. Sean Murphy - Chair, Discipline of Medicine

Support Structure

There are 4 subcommittees of the RPC - Accreditation and Continuous Improvement Committee (ACI) , Competency Committee (CC), Wellness Committee (WC), and PGY I Selection Committee. The RPC will receive reports directly from these subcommittees and the Medical Education Committee (MEC).

Residency Program Committee Terms of Reference

RPC Competency/Promotions Subcommittee Terms of Reference

Competency/Promotions Subcommittee Description

Medical Education Committee Terms of Reference