Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health is a professional program offering preparation for graduates from various fields interested in public health practice in a variety of settings. The overall goal of the program is to prepare graduates ready to contribute to promoting health and preventing illness and injury in their community.

The program objectives are to:

The MPH program is offered in two streams.

The Population/Public Health stream is open to applicants from all disciplines and focuses on core public health competencies for general public health practice. It is available on a full time (three semesters) or part-time basis, and to students whose undergraduate degree is from a non-Canadian institution.

The Nutrition/Dietetics stream is open only to applicants who have completed an undergraduate dietetics program accredited by the Partnership for Dietetics Education and Practice. It combines advanced academic study in the area of public health with a qualifying internship that will permit practice in the field of dietetics. It is available only on a full time basis (six semesters).

Although online options are available for some courses, neither stream is designed for students who wish to pursue their degree completely by distance learning. While every attempt is made to accommodate the needs of learners who have competing professional or personal demands, we cannot guarantee that a requirement for in-person attendance can be waived.

To learn more about the Masters of Public Health (Nutrition and Dietetics), including the goals of the program, its components, and the Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services Dietetic Internship Program (NLHS DIP), please see this Information Session recorded with Dr. Rachel Prowse (MPH Nutrition and Dietetics Program Coordinator) and Kara Roberts (NLHS DIP Director) from November 9, 2023.