News Release

REF NO.: 91

SUBJECT: Premiere of documentary film Atiku Napeu - The Caribou Man

DATE: February 23, 2017

Atiku Napeu — The Caribou Man, a documentary by filmmakers Alexander Andrew and Damián Castro, premieres Friday, Feb. 24, at 6:30 p.m., at Memorial University’s Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation, room IIC-2001.

Attending the premiere will be Anastasia Qupee, Innu Nation Grand Chief; Eugene Hart, Sheshatshiu Band Council chief; and Mr. Andrew of Sheshatshiu.

The 48-minute film focuses on Innu caribou-related practices and ideas as told and performed by Innu elders. Their stories tell of the Innu fight against government policies and their perspective on the Innu-caribou relationship.

Here’s how the filmmakers describe their documentary:

Hunting, following proper protocol and celebrating the mukushan is the Innu way to honour Atiku Napeu, the caribou man, the master of all caribou and other land animals. As long as he is honoured, Atiku Napeu will keep giving caribou and bless the Innu so that they and their culture can survive. But now the government of Newfoundland and Labrador has imposed a total ban on caribou hunting. The Innu have rejected the ban. This film is about the Innu struggle to keep honouring Atiku Napeu. This film is about Innu survival.

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