News Release

REF NO.: 9

SUBJECT: Memorial's Battery Facility renovation continues

DATE: September 20, 2016

Renovations taking place at Memorial University’s Battery Facility became more visible this week.

Demolition of the city-view wing (the oldest section of the building, closest to Signal Hill Road) has begun. While significant work has already taken place inside the building, the current phase, set to continue over the next couple weeks, will significantly alter both the look and the footprint of the building.

 “The removal of the city-view wing will make it possible for us to begin renovating the main section of the building,” said Jennifer Adams, lead, strategic development, for the Battery Facility. “The upcoming tender will be for the redevelopment of the main space of the facility, including the conference space, the multi-use rooms and the space for future tenants, both Memorial units and public partners.”

The construction tender for the main space will be released shortly, with construction expected to conclude in the winter of 2017-18.

The Battery Facility will be cost-neutral to the university and is being developed by Memorial as a revenue-generating entity that will recover all costs related to its operation. The development of this facility will ultimately result in a significant reduction of lease costs for Memorial units currently renting space off campus. The Battery Facility is also home to about 80 graduate student residents.

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