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SUBJECT: Memorial University launches new summer orientation program

DATE: June 21, 2017

Next month Memorial University will welcome up to 200 new students to the first Summer Orientation for Academic Readiness (SOAR) program.

SOAR is a series of two-day sessions designed to help new students get a head start on the campus experience and their transition into university life.

The program is the first of its kind for Memorial, developed as part of a broader effort to help students thrive.

New students will make friends with classmates in advance of the start of classes, meet faculty and staff, benefit from leadership development programming and learn more about Memorial’s St. John’s campus and the supports available to students.

Dr. Jennifer Massey, director, Student Life, says that students who attend SOAR will help themselves become the best students they can be.

“Even our very best students experience apprehension two or three weeks before the academic year begins,” Dr. Massey said. “They may not feel these worries right now, but closer to the time they might, so participating in SOAR can help ease those concerns and lay the foundation for a successful first year at university.”

Faculty-specific SOAR sessions include specialized content led by professors and staff. Students in all offerings of SOAR will have the opportunity to participate in special events with senior student societies, community-engaged learning activities and unique learning experiences. Students will also have the opportunity to experience life on campus as they stay overnight in Memorial’s residences.

Julia Halfyard, new student experience co-ordinator, Student Life, says SOAR will help new students feel more self-assured for their arrival in the fall. She says the students who come to SOAR are excited for the next chapter of their life: leaving high school.

“They may be very keen and looking to maximize their potential at university,” said Ms. Halfyard. “They may also be looking to engage with other students and to have fun. This program will help students gain confidence and a feeling of ease. They will be introduced to an unfamiliar life on campus and, by the end of the two days, they will be familiarized enough that, when they come in September, they will feel confident.”

Deadlines for registration are fast approaching. SOAR is $90 per student and includes all meals and overnight accommodations. For more information and online registration, visit here.

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