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SUBJECT: Nutritionist and former Olympian to give public lecture on healthy eating

DATE: September 15, 2015

A free public lecture on Memorial University’s St. John’s campus will shed light on the role of nutrition in our health, with a particular focus on heart health.

Dr. Benoît Lamarche, a full professor at the School of Nutrition and Chair of Nutrition at Laval University, will give the second annual Faith Elizabeth Winifred (Rusted) Bayley Nutrition Lecture on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

“Aren’t we ever bombarded with conflicting messages about diet and healthy eating?” said Dr. Lamarche. “Eat more of this, less of that, or vice versa. It’s not surprising to find that a lot of people have lost faith in their nutritionist for guidance in this ever-evolving area. But does that make defining what healthy nutrition means a losing battle? Not necessarily.”

Dr. Lamarche says there are areas where science has evolved and some of the once-irrefutable facts need to be revisited.

“For example, the scientific community finds itself in a raging controversy regarding the ill, or not so ill, effects of saturated fat,” he said. “Other areas are way less controversial. Consuming a Mediterranean diet is good for your heart and arteries without a shadow of a doubt. Should everyone convert to the Mediterranean diet? Certainly not.

“In the end, this presentation will bring the audience to reflect on the concept of “peaceful eating,” where pleasure and taste is at the basis of a healthy diet, whatever that is …”

Dr. Lamarche’s lecture, titled What Is Healthy Eating in 2015? Contemporary Controversies, Fallacies and Certainties, will take place Tuesday, Sept. 15, at 7 p.m. in the Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation, room IIC-2001.

In addition, he will deliver a research seminar geared toward a scientific audience titled The Ever-Evolving Role of Diet in Health: Perspective from an Eternal Optimist on Tuesday, Sept. 15, at 3:30 p.m. in the Education building, room ED-1020.

Dr. Lamarche has published more than 270 peer-reviewed papers in areas related to nutrition and its impact on metabolic syndrome, obesity, inflammation and dyslipidemia. His research on the association between small dense LDL particles and the risk of coronary heart disease, the effects of trans fat from industrial and natural sources on blood lipids and the Mediterranean diet is highly cited.

Dr. Lamarche is the recipient of numerous national and international awards for his research contributions, including the prestigious Centrum Young Investigator Award from the Canadian Nutrition Society. He is also an Olympian (1984, 1988) in long track speed skating.

The second annual Faith Elizabeth Winifred (Rusted) Bayley Nutrition Lecture is hosted by the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science. It was established by a bequest from Dr. Nigel Rusted in memory of his sister, a dietitian and high-ranking RCAF squadron leader in the Eastern Air Command during the Second World War.

Both lectures are open to all and the evening session will be followed by a reception. Parking is available in lot 15B.

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